FORMER beauty queen Natasha Murape  and her accomplice  Dr Peter Mbizvo  continue to hog the limelight for the wrong reasons after being  implicated in a ‘pimping scandal’.

Mbizvo is a congregant at Celebration Church and fellow members are not  amused with his behavior and have been raising a ‘red flag’ about his conduct.

Mbizvo’s alleged concubine Murape  is into beauty pageants and the ‘couple’ is believed to be involved in ‘pimping’ scandals involving  young underprivileged rising  models  promising them fortunes- in an alleged se_x for money scam.

Murape, a former Catholic University student and 2015 Black Opal Face of Zimbabwe finalist, was roped to assist in the auditions for the Miss Teen Zimbabwe held last week Saturday at the lavish Crowne Plaza Hotel in the capital.

Dr Mbizvo and Murape

Whilst to the public this might appeared as just a normal modelling contest, investigations and sources close to the developments revealed that  there was more to it amid allegations that Murape was on a mission to recruit more young ladies for Dr. Mbizvo’s ‘pimping’ schemes.

“These people Mbizvo and Murape have been hitting a low key after a story exposed in the media how the two teamed up and were recruiting young unsuspecting young ladies in Harare to pimp them and use them as escorts and prostitutes for “top clients” before the business took a dive for the worst,” said the source.“They seem to be back for business after they had engaged Murape’s sister, Natalie, a student who was in the country for the festive season frenzy into their dirty business as they lay low after the publication of the story,” said the source.

“So if Murape could sacrifice her own sister just because of her love for Mbizvo and money, how more the daughter of a stranger? Police must investigate this, any wise parent or guardian would not allow their child to participate in such a pageant were innocent girls will be recruited for pimps.”

Efforts to contact Dr Mbizvo and his “partner” Murape drew a blank by the time of publication as their mobile phones were not available.

“Mbizvo tries to manage a very private life, however he has been spotted several times with young girls most of whom he takes to his Glen Lorne home,” said the source.

Sources close to the developments allege that several complaints about Mbizvo ‘pimping’ and abusing young girls have been made with the church authorities, but no action is being taken against him because he uses his financial muscle.

Celebration Church officials refused to comment arguing that thy don’t interfere in congregants private life.


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