Gugu Ncube

By A Correspondent| The Gwanda born woman who made false claims that she is Prof Welshman Ncube’s daughter (saying there was a DNA test done in 1986), Gugu Ncube has spoken from inside her prison cell.

Gugu who was arrested (Wednesday) after staging a nude protest against the University of South Africa, said everyone who fails to back her claims is guilty of supporting the rape crime she has alleged.

Gugu has for several years made a rape allegations against a list of men and of one lover she accused in 2017, she directly told that she was interested in a possible money offer from the man.

Writing from inside prison, she said “if you don’t stand against workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, you are supporting it.”

ALSO READ: Cases of rape laid by Ms Gugu Ncube around Johannesburg police stations:

Case numbers and status

1) 1779-10-2009  withdrawn / accused A.A
2) 218-01–2010  undetected / no case
3) 173-01-2013  withdrawn / no case
4) 216-04-2017 withdrawn / accused M.G
5) 690-03-2018  closed /accused S.M



Please note that tomorrow the 14th of March 2019 @ 8:30am I will be appearing at the Pretoria Magistrates court, Court C. The police charged me with what they term public indecency. It’s sad because there are people who have turned the union buildings into their homes and are dressed just like l was dressed today, but they are not being arrested or harassed.

My demand is clear, l demand that Unisa shows the world my resignation letter. I also demand that HE President Ramaphosa attends to my cries. If l am being ignored still, l shall be staging a similar protest at the UN offices on the 20th of March 2019.

#Thank you for all the support, l am humbled. I am requesting that you support till l get justice. I am standing for many other women who are going through similar situations in work places but can not speak out in fear of being further humiliated by both the perpetrators and the police.
I will be heard


You are welcome to come join me, meet me, support me or watch me. I can no longer be silent.

*If you don’t stand against workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, you are supporting it

Gugu W. Ncube

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