Today Lusitania Primary School officially unveiled their brand new computer lab aimed at offering a testing center for Microsoft Computer based exams.

The event was graced by the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Prof. P.V Mavima as well as the Ambassador of Portugal.

Features of the Computer Lab includes an intelligent board as well as a server system that will be used for invigilation of the computer based exams.

The Minister in his speech also mentioned that the government is planning on modernizing 6000 schools in the country with ICT infustructure. At the moment 17 of them already underway in Binga and Mberengwa.

Lusitania also has installed Intelligent boards in all of their classrooms and gone completely paperless with their grade 3 students who are all operating from tablets. Here are the photos of the event

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Template:Infobox Town Binga is a Town located in Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe. Binga is located just south of Kariba Lake, across the lake from Zambia It lies along the southern Zambezi Escarpment. The Tonga people inhabit the area. Read More About Binga

Mberengwa is a district in Midlands province in Zimbabwe. The district is divided into sub-districts: Mberengwa North, East, West and South. It is bounded by Gwanda in Mberengwa west, and by Zvishavane in its northern zone, to the south it stretches to Neshuro, Chikombedzi and… Read More About Mberengwa


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