Farai Dziva|The MDC A has described the harassment of Harare West legislator Joanna Mamombe by Zanu PF MPs in Parliament as ” thuggery and barbarism of the worst kind. “

In a statement on Wednesday the MDC A Information and Publicity Department strongly condemned Zanu PF’ s shocking level of misogyny:

Insults hurled at Hon Mamombe reflect Zanu PF’s failure.

The MDC is appalled by the derogatory comments from Zanu PF MPs against Hon Joanna Mamombe.

The use of such derogatory and unprintable language -as that was used on her- does not only set a bad example but reduces the level of Parliament from an esteemed house which sets laws in Zimbabwe to an common house.

The abuse of the young female MP has no place in a democratic society. It reflects Zanu PF’s disrespect of women.

The MDC is also concerned about the level of hatred of Hon Mamombe and this cannot be divorced from her arrest while on Parliamentary duty last week.

There is need for nation building – when the representatives of the people in Parliament are the ones reflecting such hatred then there is a serious problem.
MDC: Defining a New Course for Zimbabwe
Hon Bekithemba Mpofu
MDC Deputy Spokesperson

Party favourite Joanna Mamombe.
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