Lately, it has been one controversy after another for several South African pastors who form the wealthiest of the pastoral fold. The one who has had the largest share of these controversies is Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries. Recently, the pastor made a grand display of raising the dead in a video.

While many have condemned the pastor for blaspheming God’s name by making a charade and doing fake miracles, they have also come for the person who was supposedly raised from the dead.

This individual whose real name is believed to be Brighton Moyo has been trolled by so many people. On his Facebook page, several people have taken to calling him the comedian of the year for being a part of the shenanigan done by the pastor.

Finally, Brighton has reportedly taken to defending himself and giving his opinion of the entire matter. He did this by creating an account under the name he claimed to be currently using, Elliot Masango, and making several posts on Facebook.

According to what he said in a particular post, he will explain details of his death and resurrection in court. He also added that he was really dead at the time. See the post below:

“I think I have done enough to explain about my death and this account now I have to appear in court u will find all the truth u want i was dead….on Monday I’m going to court.”

Again, he reiterated this in his response to the comment of a particular person. The individual had taken to Elliot’s Facebook page to say this: “You are the comedian of the year and the coming generation. Hahahahaha. You wanted easy money.”

In reaction to these words, he said: “meaning u don’t believe that God is doing miracles.” Other replies have followed these words.

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