FRIEND OF THE LATE BRIGADIER MUNEMO SAYS HE WAS NEVER PART OF GUKURAHUNDI…. Let me give you an overview of Munemo's political history. Munemo joined the liberation struggle in 1970 when he was a 15year old boy. He was one of the Chimoio survivors. In 1980 he was given the rank of Lt colonel. He was promoted to a full colonel in 2002 . He was then promoted to a Brigadier General in 2010. When Gukurahundi took place – he was a Lieutenant colonel – a rank that is nowhere near giving orders or Commanding any Battalion. He was a mere soldier taking command from his superiors. This is the very reason that Zimbabweans should know that ED anohwanda nechigunwe, blaming munhu anenge afa kuti hanzi iye akanaka. Who was ED during Gukurahundi? Who were his Lieutenants? If that list is compiled- surely Munemo's name will never be echoed."

Posted by ZimEye on Monday, March 11, 2019

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