By Elizabeth Marunda

1.0 Introduction
The discussions are now above political affiliation, people are kind of reading from the same page with respect to the behaviour of leadership. This behaviour which is totally against the principles of unhu/ubuntu is done deliberately to make people want to go to war. WRONG MOVE. CHECK MATE! That is precisely where they want the people of Zimbabwe to be, in a war like disposition. When there is war, there is chaos and they can do the following:
1.Cause a mass exodus of people who at any one time stood up to them, either to go to different parts of the country or abroad. This way there is freedom from the kind who refuse to say how high should one jump when the leader says, “jump.”.
2. Those refusing to go anyway will have criminal cases created for them whereby incriminating evidence is presented and is glaring for all to see, yet, the person is innocent, but is thrown into jail and is literally fed with their poisoned food and left to die eventually on release.
3. They can with the help of the Kenyan Indian and other such people, clean all the coffers of this land. Why would any Zimbabwean want to ensure such poverty for the nation of Zimbabwe? Answering this question possibly indicates the root cause of our problems.

2.0 Possible root cause of the Zimbabwean Problem
There is a school of thought indicating the grand plan after the war of liberation, not shared by true liberators It is believed that some of the people at the war front, but not active in the war itself resolved the following would happen once the war of liberation is over:
2.1 A committee is to be formed never to allow anyone who was not in the war front to have political power to lead this country
2.2 Promises of a good life to Women at the war front were made
2.3 Only 20% of the population consisting of themselves, their close family members, relatives and friends should be wealthy
The evidence for these schools of thought 1-3 could lie in truly answering the following questions:
1.1 Country Leadership
1.1.1 Has there been a committee called a committee of 26/?
1.1.2 Who constituted that committee?
1.1.3 Who has led Zimbabwe politically since 1980?
1.1.4 What has happened even to some of their own like Tekere, Dumbutshena and Mhanda among others who tried to be empathetic to the people of Zimbabwe?
1.1.5 Why has no opposition political party been able to lead the country irrespective of the election outcome?
After answering these technical questions 1.1 .1– 1.1.5 , what do we say about the school of thought 1?

1.2 Promises of a good life to Women at the war front. As journalists and citizen journalists, check the following:
1.2.1 whether there are single women with families who came from the war front who have been given accommodation in Chegutu for instance
1.2.2 if rural women have been cheated of a good price on selling the maize or tobacco by one of their own masquerading as middle men?
1.2.3 the origin of the girls causing disruptions in families of opposition leaders
After considering these statements, 1.2.1 -1.2.3 what is your position with respect to school of thought 2?

1.3 Only 20% of the population consisting of themselves, their close family members, relatives and friends should be wealthy
1.3.1 What are the statistics on unemployment and poverty in this country of Zimbabwe?
1.3.2 Who are the committee of 26 members, their friends, relatives
1.3.3 Do they have many properties?
1.3.4 Do they have fat bank accounts in and out of the country?
1.3.5 Identify those in 3.4 with fat bank accounts and ask them the following questions in public.
1)We see you have been working hard, by the way, which is the source of your funds?
2) If they volunteer information , and indicate the improper source of their money they should return that money within the period stipulated by the people of Zimbabwe and may only join politics after 10 years.
3) If however, people refuse to be interviewed, or refuse to cooperate with their money source, investigations on the source should be done by journalists , and if it is established, the source of funds is improper they are allowed to join politics after 20 years.
After considering these statements, 1.3.1 -1.3.5 what is your position with respect to school of thought 3?

1.4 Way Forward in Politics
An international arbitrator is necessary, no interested party can chair without bias. One cannot be a football player and referee at the same time. In fact in this political scenario, one of the interested parties cannot choose an arbitrator alone. Both interested parties should choose an arbitrator whose judgment they both respect. That is the reality in any situation of conflict.

1.4.1 Technical issues during discussions on resolving conflict
The dialogue involves identifying areas of agreement, and those of disagreement
Then proceed to deal with areas of disagreement
On tackling areas of disagreement, there is need for both parties to exercise a mindset of wanting to compromise
That is why there is need for an independent arbitrator who can they say, but Hon. Chamisa you got this, don’t you think you should give in here so that there is fairness and we move forward. But Hon. Munangagwa you bargained for x position, don’t you think Sir Chamisa should be granted the y position.
That is why dialoguing with an independent arbitrator, one who is not affected in any way by the outcome of the dialogue becomes necessary. It actually becomes an interesting discussion. There is no room for mud- slinging as the arbitrator will have set down the ground rules

1.5 A Proposal on what next after the dialogue
Once the dialogue with an independent arbitrator is concluded, the people of Zimbabwe should be consulted (after a motion is moved in parliament to amend the constitution) on the behaviours that should disqualify politicians from politics for given period.

1.6 A further proposal on what should also happen
1.6.1 Prisoners
The way we treat our prisoners reflects our level of development and education as a people. We should be reminded that those in prisons could be framed persons and the real criminals are free people. On that basis, it becomes important to accord prisoners human dignity.
Prisoners of conscience to be freed from prisons hence forth
Prisoners of lesser crimes to be offered crash programmes on a developmental mindset away from avenging and laziness and develop respect for others and their property and be offered a technical skill and enjoy earnng a living from one’s sweat, not through cheating.

1.6.2 Mbanje
The areas where mbanje is grown in Zimbabwe should be introduced to organic farming in horticulture and market gardening growing for cash, flowers and herbs that grow fast for the external markets. Zimtrade should be actively involved in securing markets.
Let all communities rural or urban develop community centres for activities like sport, theatre and drama and other economic activities appropriate in those respective communities. That sense of belonging should gradually discourage the smoking of mbanje and be able to face our reality,. The reality that we played a match and lost and congratulate the winner.!

1.7 Conclusion:
Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are all despondent and angry. Lets cool down and use our collective IQs to move our country forward. Let us not be swept by the tide of those who want us to reach a fever pitch with anger and go to war thereby giving them the opportunity to further abuse our girl children, their mothers, our sisters, wives and aunts, as well as leave this country with fake gold and no single mineral or valuable currency.
It is my belief that we all love Zimbabwe, so let us show it through our positive and progressive actions, and this can be achieved.
This ladies and gentlemen is a dot in the ocean of a proposal on what the citizens of Zimbabwe may do if the country is to improve its chances of being open for business, have a healthy and happy people by year 2030. The real answer to the way forward on our beloved country lies in our collective actions with a unity of purpose and a strategic vision for this nation..
Hon Mnangagwa
Hon. Chamisa
Fr Mukonori

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