Women and Political leadership.

ED Using Taxpayers Millions To Pay Public Relations Specialists in America

Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, March 7, 2019

By Chief Svosve| History is pregnant with case materials of equal societies that considered women in leadership positions not only economic but also in political leadership.

Historical Marxist Anthropologist have it on record that prior to colonisation most of African tribes were egalitarian communities and an equitable distribution and access to leverages of power were ensured to everyone. History shows us that access to land, control and ownership was the most important resource and the egalitarian set up positively propped up the image and the social standing of the female folk. Women played a critical role as economic players in the sophisticated economies of their time. They occupied critical positions in society that ensured the perpetual existence of communities and tribes. Women were mostly the midwives a role that was and remains critical to the expansion of any nation. Women were also water spirits and spirit mediums whose functions brought nourishment and unity within communities, this may sound demeaning but by then these were very powerful and influential positions.

ED Using Taxpayers Millions To Pay Public Relations Specialists in America

Posted by ZimEye on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Outside the economic realm women also proved themselves to be able leaders in the political arena. The exploits of Queen of Ndongo and Matamba Kingdom of the Mbundu people of Angola Ana Nzinga paints a picturesque maze of political genius contrast to modern day stereotypes of women in political leadership and management of organisations.

The heroism as penned by Winnie Mandela and Graca Machel left an indelible footprint of women in political leadership and deserve also a big mention, the work and inspiration of Nehanda Nyakasikana in championing the liberation struggle in Rhodesia present day Zimbabwe cast away any doubt about the ability of women to lead and shape opinion.

Away from politics we have a good number of women who have influenced the morality of politicians and their governance system. Our very mother Susan Tsvangirayi is still revered by many Zimbabweans who saw her as an examplary mother Zimbabwe-MHSRIP. Mother Teresa stands tall as well among none political figures who finds her name frequently cited in politicians’ journals and diaries.

As we embark on our trip to Congress let’s take it into consideration that women are able leaders and deserve the chance to lead. On the same note Happy lnternational Women Day.

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