The wife of a prominent prophet was recently exposed for cheating on her husband after incriminating herself on air.

The bust up came to light on on the Star FM show ‘Call Box’ hosted by Davis Mugadza aka Diva Dollar.

This popular show is known for prank calling random people and creating fictitious scenarios in which the unsuspecting parties reveal personal information about themselves. More so than often it doesn’t end well for the parties after realizing that it’s a classic prank.

One prophetess fell victim to the pranks of Mr. Mugadza and sources reveal that her marriage is in trouble. This came after Diva Dollar called her to congratulate her about winning an all expenses paid trip to Dubai sponsored by a filling station in Simon Mazorodze road.

Asked on who she would like to take on the trip the prophetess uttered the name Steven Ndlovu instead of her husband. Mugadza cunningly asked her who Steven was and she went on to reveal that he was ‘the love of her life’. She also agreed that they be booked into a honeymoon suite implying they would be staying together during the trip.

The house of cards came tumbling down after Diva Dollar revealed that she was live on air and part of the radio show ‘Call Box’ on Star FM. The nonplussed prophetess quickly rushed to reiterate her statement and said they should put her husband’s name on the other ticket instead.

The amused DJ unflinchingly referred to her earlier statement about ‘Steven’ and the prophetess mumbled that Steven was her brother instead and he recently got married so she wanted to surprise him and his wife. She begged him to add her husband’s name to the ticket citing that she had made a mistake and she had thought of her brother whom she was very close to.

The damage has however already been done and we’re yet to hear responses from both camps involved in this fiasco.

Source:Citizen Reports



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