By Ndaba Nhuku| Accidents happen everywhere in the world but in Zimbabwe the roads have been turned into killing fields akin to the Gukurahundi genocide. Since 1980s “car accidents” have been used to eliminate political or undesirable elements. Remember Josiah Tongogara?

Even now during the so called “new dispensation” the slaughtering goes on unabated. In this modus operandi, thus, the Tsvangirayi family has paid the ultimate prize in pursuit for the democratisation, economic emancipation and attainment of freedoms for all Zimbabweans. It has so far lost two members in what can be viewed as suspicious accidents.

A number of questions regarding the possible cause of the accidents that killed Paul Rukanda, Mhundwa and eventually Vimbayi Tsvangirayi Java have been raised. Who was behind these ‘assasination?” Why?

A very unusual concidence. Two cars driven by military men are said to have caused the accident. It is claimed one of the drivers, a Mr Lunga, died later. Was he eliminated as part of erasing evidence? Why would his death kill a police investigation into this accident?. Is that procedural? Why take the court martial route for the surviving soldier if it was a mere accident outside work in his private car? What is there to hide? This rightfully raises suspicions.

The other question being raised is; was Vimbai a threat to Zanu Pf or elements in the MDC? Who wanted her dead? Could she one day have taken the leadership mantle of the opposition?

There is no doubt she was a budding charismatic leader but she was far from leading the party like her late father. Could there have been other issues happening behind the scenes? Let’s see.

Is it true that the Morgan Tsvangirayi’s children are getting paid by the State and Vimbayi chose to bite the hand that fed her?

But then, in view of the dire financial situation nearly all Zimbabweans find themselves in, there are rumours of the Tsvangirayi family home under threat of repossession, Vimbayi’s husband being unable to foot her medical bills. Where then is the MDCA, or government in all this? Are they willing to assist? If not, why not?

There is also this case being mentioned that Vimbai blundered by publicly supporting Nelson Chamisa when her brother and uncle were appreciative of government assistance at her father’s memorial service.

Could such a petty issue have led to her death? If so, then we have a cabal of idiots who are threatened by people who are not a threat to anyone at all.

Anyone who could kill Itai Dzamara, Vimbai Tsvangirai and now Apostle Chiwenga for political reasons, has no political backbone at all.

Those who are saying she was possibly killed by her own cadres also do not present any evidence at all. Why would MDCA want her dead after enabling her to be MP and be part of NEC?

She was an asset in keeping her father’s legacy alive and connected with the masses. She was way off joining the top echelons of the party to be a threat to anyone in the MDCA.

If anyone in the MDCA was threatened by her to have the power to kill her, then that person has to be linked to the military junta! These numerous inexplicable accidents and deaths of several vocal young people is cause for great concern.

In Vimbayi Tsvangirai’s death, it is the junta’s presence at the scene of the accident which gives away the cat in the bag.

It makes the accident be viewed as an assassination. Period. It is the same way Inviolata Dumbutshena who defeated the junta in court was possibly assasinated, including many others before them.

For how long shall our military officers and their vehicles be used to eliminate individuals perceived to be a threat to some political gods, instead of doing their job of defending their nation?

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